Prusik Asia Fund

Investment Objective

To generate capital growth primarily by investing in companies operating in the Asia Pacific Ex-Japan region.

Investment Process

With anomalies as a start point, the investment process seeks to identify and invest in key ‘themes’ in the Pacific region. Companies are identified and chosen via rigorous bottom-up analysis with emphasis on traditional value and high ROCE.

  • Themes are specific industries we have identified, which have a clear set of growth drivers, which have minimal reliance on the economic cycle, and are not yet discounted by the market.
  • Our past experience and track record shows that being invested in robust themes significantly reduces fund volatility, generates strong out-performance and provides good protection and sometimes even positive returns during weaker periods.
  • Our thematic approach also means the fund has long horizons and successful themes often work for a long time.
  • We believe how we pick themes and the degree to which we find them ahead of market discovery, sets us apart from our peer group.
  • Our stock selection process is driven by a search for niche excellence, value, strong cash flow and a foreseeable and deliberate improvement in ROE and we feel this has proven successful over several cycles.
  • When we do not find undiscounted value and quality, we will hold some cash, usually capped at 10%, until such opportunities arise.

Fund Manager

Fund Manager

Anna Gallagher