Prusik is a small, inclusive team. We value integrity and professionalism and we love what we do. We want to work with our investors as well as for them.

We founded Prusik in 2005 with the strong belief that many fund management companies sit at a difficult nexus between the best interests of shareholders and clients. We believe in and prioritise an appropriately sized fund, which has an optimum chance of best performance, over what is generally seen to be in the best interest of shareholders, which is the continual growth in assets under management.

Prusik is a partnership and we invest alongside you. We therefore want to share with our investors the opportunity to invest in what we believe to be the best opportunities in Asia, be they small or large companies and in emerging or developed countries, but without raising the risk in the underlying liquidity of our fund or precluding ourselves from some opportunities. Attention to liquidity has thus been in our DNA since the beginning. It is for this reason that the Prusik Asian Equity Income Fund was closed to investors between 2013-2020. This enabled us to invest in Asia for our clients in exactly the way we like to invest for ourselves.

We describe our investment philosophy as Long-Only with an absolute return mindset.

  • We buy stocks we like, not because they are in an index.
  • We are not contrarians but feel happy when we are alone.
  • Capital preservation is extremely important to us.
  • We have an optimal fund size beyond which we will not grow.
  • We believe in the benefit of limiting any less liquid positions to a small portion of the fund.
  • We co-invest alongside our investors and strongly believe in an alignment of our interests with yours.
  • We believe in running concentrated portfolios of approximately 30-50 stocks.
  • We wish to share our ideas and views with our clients in the hopes that we might add value over and above the performance of the funds we manage.
  • We aim to be able to meet with all our clients personally and as regularly as required.